Current Sensor

Current Sensor


Current sense magnetics Transformers are used as a low loss method for sensing AC current in a circuit and it also provide electrical and safety isolation between the source of the current and the measurement circuit. The key parameters for a current sense transformer are the rms current rating (to ensure it does not overheat in the application) and the safety and voltage isolation (to ensure it conforms to the end-application requirements).

Comtrafo catalogue products range from 0.10A to 40A sensing, isolation voltage between 500V and 5kV and insulation systems including functional, basic, and reinforced. 

Custom solutions are available up 1000Arms

1- Product standard range from 0.10A to 40A sensing


Zettler Magnetics has a comprehensive current sense transformer manufacturing capability, producing both EI lamination types as well as toroidal current sense transformers. While offering a standard PCB mountable option, most of the parts we manufacture are custom designs based on our customer’s requirements.

ACST Series of PCB Mountable Current Sense Transformer

Key Benefits

  • Through-hole PCB mountable

  • Low profile design

  • Seven turns ratio options

  • Cost effective plug & play option

Key Features

  • Primary current range 0.4 to 30 Amps

  • Dielectric strength 4000 Vrms

  • UL class B materials

  • Split-bobbin design

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SeriesOutline Dimension(LxWxH)CertificatesDatasheet
Current Sensor Transformers20.5×17.5×16.4mmN/A ACST-200 Series

High Precision Current Sensor Transformers

SeriesOutline Dimension(LxWxH)CertificatesDatasheet
High Precision Current Sensor Transformers18.0×10.0x21.5mmN/A ZCT13XXX
High Precision Current Sensor Transformers23x18x18.5mmN/A ZCT13XXX-P
High Precision Current Sensor Transformers23.0×18.0x18.5mmN/A ZCT26XXX

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2- Current sensor for Watt-Hour Meters

Falco specializes in developing current transformers for electricity meters according to specific needs in terms of accuracy, mechanical constraints. They are designed and tested to meet the ANSI and IEC requirements including all the accuracy tests and effects of external influences. We have a big variety of sizes and shapes including: potted and un-potted versions, using pin or lead wire termination, or mounted on a primary wire. We can also add a magnetic shield to prevent the core from saturation due to the influence of external magnets that are used for tampering purposes. We have high precision for electricity meters that allow us to do all the linearity tests at different power factors, at different temperatures (from -40°C to +85°C), and the DC tolerance test. That allows us to optimize our current transformers in size, cost and performance to offer you a component that will meet your expectations and the lowest possible cost +85°C), and the DC tolerance test. That allows us to optimize our current transformers in size, cost and performance to offer you a component that will meet your expectations and the lowest possible cost.


Our current transformers are used in a variety of single and poly-phase electricity meters for billing electricity, where high accuracy is needed. They can be used in residential, industrial or even in Power Quality Meters. The applications include direct connected meters and transformer operated meters.


Current Transformers for AC only

  • Current Range from 5 to 640 Amp
  • Accuracy Class 0.2 and 0.5 as per ANSI C12.20
  • Accuracy Class 0.2 and 0.5 as per IEC 62053-22

DC Tolerant Current Transformers

  • Current range from 20 to 120 Amp
  • Full and partial DC tolerance
  • Accuracy Class 1.0 as per IEC 62053-21

UL approved

Shielded against external magnetic fields

High precision testing for design validation