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Power modules

Power Module


A series of cost effective and reliable AC-DC power modules with a wide universal input range in a compact, plug & play package. Ideal for a variety of smart energy solutions such as low power lighting, audio or thermostat controls and other home electronics applications, as well as industrial controls.

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Key Benefits

  • Easy Plug & Play solution for low power applications
  • Long life: MTBF >1 million hours*
  • Compact encapsulated design
  • High Efficiency
  • Customizable

Key Features

  • Universal Input Range 85VAC-305VAC*
  • Wide ambient temperature capability -25℃ to +85℃*, full power output w/o derating
  • Low standby power consumption <0.1W
  • Protection Capability: OVP, OSP, OCP, OPP.
  • Compliance with UL/IEC standards
  • EMC compatible


SeriesOutline Dimension(LxWxH)CertificatesCEDatasheet
1 Watt High Performance Series with Zero Crossing33.7×22.2×15.0mmTUV / ULAvailableHP01SXX00WI-X
1 Watt High Performance Series33.7×22.2×15.0mmTUV / ULAvailableHP01SXX00WI
2 Watt High Performance Series33.7×22.2×15.0mmTUV / ULAvailableHP02SXX00WI
3 Watt High Performance Series37.0×24.0x15.0mmTUV /ULAvailableHP03SXX00WJ
10 Watt Wide Input Voltage Series55.2×35.2×25.5mmTUV/UL/CBAvailableHPI10SXX00ED


SeriesOutline Dimension(LxWxH)CertificatesCEDatasheet
3 Watt Mini Series Single Output25.0×25.0x16.0mmTUV/UL/CBAvailableZPI03SXX00WC
3 Watt Series Single Output without Fuse23.9×23.0x18.0mmTUV /ULAvailableZP03SXX00WE
5 Watt Single Output Precision Series32.1×27.1×19.3mmTUV /ULAvailableZP05SXX00WB
10 Watt Series Single Output55.2×35.2×25.5mmTUV/CBAvailableZP10SXX00W
15 Watt Series Single Output52.4×27.2×24.0mmTUV/UL/CBAvailableZPL15SXX00WL
15 Watt Series Single Output52.4×27.2×31.0mmTUV/UL/CBAvailableZPL15SXX00WS
20 Watt Series Single Output52.4×27.2×24.0mmTUV/UL/CBAvailableZPL20SXX00WL
20 Watt Series Single Output52.4×27.2×31.0mmTUV/UL/CBAvailableZPL20SXX00WS

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