Power inductors

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Falco Electronics specializes in developing chassis mounted power inductors. These high power inductors can produce substantial heat that needs to be efficiently dissipated. Therefore, we work closely with our customers to insure each component meets their electrical, mechanical, and thermal requirements. As these inductors increase in size, the cores losses can become a critical parameter. We have the ability to internally test core loss and noise. We design the inductor base using plastic, brass, or aluminum depending on the customer space, availability, and thermal requirements.



Our power inductors are used in UPS, Inverters, and similar high power applications.



  • Voltage range between 100V to 400V
  • Current capabilities of up to 1,000 Amp
  • Core materials used Ferrite, Silicon Steel, Powdered cores
  • Copper or aluminum winding in round, square, litz or foil conductor
  • In house litz winding equipment in Mexico and China factories
  • Internal core loss and noise testing

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