230-250 / 230V

Single-phase short circuit proof isolating transformers designed and tested according to EN61558-2-4. Separate insulated windings moulded in self-extinguishing Polyurethane and capsulated in plastic. This protect the transformer against hostile environment such as dust, humidity and corrosion. Short circuit proof with glass tube fuse on the secondary side, and also protection against extremely high temperatures with built in thermal fuse on the primary side. Supplied with terminal blocks and cable glands. Compact design, fixed installation. Designed for equipment that requires main voltage/line voltage at 115V (110-120V) e.g. electrical equipment from USA and Canada. Galvanic partition between the primary and secondary side protects installations and equipment by generating “a new system” in which any earth faults are eliminated.

LF66B-22230-GS3-054-06623060 VA0,25 A1,3 kgIP44 
LF84A-22230-GS3-054-084230105 VA0,45 A1,8 kgIP44 
LF84B-22230-GS3-054-084623150 VA0,65 A2,4 kgIP44 
LF96C-22230-GS3-054-096230260 VA1,13 A4,2 kgIP44 
LF96CH-22230-GS3-054-096623300 VA1,3 A4,2 kgIP44 
LF120C-22230-GS3-054-120230500 VA2,17 A8,0 kgIP44 
LF150B-22230-GS3-054-150230750 VA3,26 A12,6 kgIP44 
LF150C-22230-AS3-054-1512301000 VA4,3 A14,8 kgIP44 
LF150C-22230-GS3-054-1562301000 VA4,3 A15,2 kgIP44