380-400-415-440 / 24 V

Single-phase safety isolating transformer designed and tested according to EN61558-2-6. The construction is produced with modern technology and satisfies ever-increasing requirements of service life and reliability. The FR transformers have separate insulated windings, are moulded in self-extinguishing polyurethane and capsulated in plastic. For fixed installation, simple and easy assembly in cabinets or switchboards. Produced according to DnV, Lloyds register of shipping and Bureau Veritas regulations which include 45°C ambient temperature. Insulation class II, double isolated. The transformer must be protected against short circuit and overload with separate fuse arrangement. Industrial safety isolating transformer designed for installation in processing industry and switch-boards. Suitable for SELV installations which require safety isolating transformer approved according to the CE directives. All FR60B, FR78B and FR84B models are supplied with integrated optional DIN-rail mounting system (35mm DIN-rail). Custom designed models on request.

FR60B-380243-071-06005040 VA1,7 A0,9 kgIP20 
FR78B-380243-070-07801090 VA3,8 A1,7 kgIP20 
FR84B-380243-070-100671130 VA5,4 A2,3 kgIP20 
FR96B-380243-071-096170180 VA7,5 A3,2 kgIP20 
FR96C-380243-071-096180250 VA10,4 A4,4 kgIP20 
FR120B-380243-071-120090400 VA16,7 A5,9 kgIP20