380-400-415-440 / 24 V

Open single-phase safety isolating transformer designed and tested according to norm EN61558-2-6. Separate insulated windings and protected against dust, humidity and corrosion through complete impregnation in heat tempered varnish. For fixed installation in cabinets or switchboards. The transformer is designed according to DnV, Lloyds register of shipping and Bureau Veritas standards witch require 45°C ambient temperature. Industrial transformer designed for low voltage installation in processing industry and switchboards, class I. The transformer has to be mounted in cover. Uncovered installation prohibited. Special designed metal plate covers available (Type SUK). The transformer must be protected against short circuit and overload with separate fuse arrangement.

SU66A-380243-061-06042435 VA1,5 A0,7 kgIP00 
SU78A-380243-061-07842460 VA2,5 A1,2 kgIP00 
SU84B-380243-061-100671110 VA4,5 A1,9 kgIP00 
SU96B-380243-061-096520160 VA6,7 A2,8 kgIP00 
SU96C-380243-061-096550220 VA9,2 A3,5 kgIP00 
SU120B-380243-061-100653400 VA16,7 A5,1 kgIP00 
SU120C-380243-060-120020500 VA20,8 A6,6 kgIP00 
SU150C-380243-060-2003801000 VA41,7 A13,3 kgIP00