3X400 / 400V

3LT-23 / 3LTE-23 3X400 / 400V

Capsulated three-phase transformers with separate primary and secondary windings. Non short circuit proof.
This is an ideal design for transforming voltage up or down or for installations which require a galvanic partition between the primary and secondary voltage.
3LT & 3LTE transformers protects installations and equipment by generating “a new system” in which any earth faults are eliminated. E.g. electric motor, compressor, cooling plants, automatic washing machines, and to uphold IT or TN-S systems.
Grey steel plate enclosure RAL7035, – degree of protection IP23.

Custom designed types with other voltages , frequencies, electrostatic shield between primary and secondary, regulations, tappings, transport wheels or other features are available upon request.

3LT0.63-400/400-236-010-7242210,63 kVA0,9 A13 kgIP23 
3LT1.25-400/400-236-010-6704511,25 kVA1,8 A21 kgIP23 
3LT2.5-400/400-236-010-6929212,5 kVA3,6 A34 kgIP23 
3LT4.0-400/400-236-010-6896914 kVA5,8 A45 kgIP23 
3LT8.0-400/400-238-040-0060016,3 kVA9,1 A60 kgIP23 
3LT12.5-400/400-238-040-01000110 kVA14,4 A81 kgIP23 
3LTE12.5-400/400-238-040-01250012,5 kVA18 A93 kgIP23 
3LTE16-400/400-238-040-01600016 kVA23,1 A106 kgIP23 
3LTE20-400/400-238-040-02000020 kVA28,9 A122 kgIP23 
3LTE25-400/400-238-040-02500025 kVA36,1 A141 kgIP23 
3LTE30-400/400-238-040-03000030 kVA43,3 A155 kgIP23 
3LT40M25-400/400-233-030-00289940 kVA57,7 A187 kgIP23 
3LT50M25-400/400-233-030-00290050 kVA72,2 A225 kgIP23 
3LT63M25-400/400-233-030-00290163 kVA90,9 A258 kgIP23 
3LT80M25-400/400-233-030-00290280 kVA115,5 A317 kgIP23 
3LT100M25-400/400-233-030-002903100 kVA144,3 A380 kgIP23 
3LT125M25-400/400-233-030-002904125 kVA180,4 A458 kgIP23 
3LT160M25-400/400-233-030-002905160 kVA230,9 A553 kgIP23 
3LT200M25-400/400-233-030-002906200 kVA289 A639 kgIP23 
3LT250M25-400/400-233-030-002907250 kVA360,8 A850 kgIP23 
3LT315M25-400/400-233-030-002908315 kVA454,7 A1004 kgIP23 
3LT20-400/400-238-040-012001 – Discontinued12,5 kVA18 A120 kgIP23 
3LT25-400/400-238-040-016001 – Discontinued16 kVA23,1 A142 kgIP23 
3LT25-400/400-238-040-020001 – Discontinued20 kVA28,9 A141 kgIP23 
3LT30-400/400-238-040-025001 – Discontinued25 kVA36,1 A180 kgIP23 
3LT40-400/400-238-040-030001 – Discontinued30 kVA43 A165 kgIP23