400 / 230 V

Capsulated single-phase non short circuit proof transformers with power range from 1,25 to 125 kVA. Designed and tested according to norm EN61558-2-4, IEC60076 and IEC60726. Standard types designed as Isolating transformers with separate primary and secondary windings. Degree of protection IP23. This is an ideal design for transforming voltage up or down, or for installations which require a galvanic partition between the primary and secondary voltage. E.g. electric motor, compressor, cooling plants, automatic washing machines, etc. Custom designed types with other voltages , frequencies, electrostatic shield between primary and secondary, regulations, tappings, transport wheels or other features are available on request. Accessories; Temperature control units with alarm or trip [TC], PT100 sensors [PT], RTD sensors [RTD].

2LT 4.03-080-0001334 kVA 35 kgIP23 
2LT 5.03-080-0001345 kVA 42 kgIP23 
2LT 6.33-080-0000426,3 kVA 48 kgIP23 
2LT 8.03-080-0000438 kVA 55 kgIP23 
2LT 10.03-080-00013510 kVA 72 kgIP23 
2LT 12.53-080-00010312,5 kVA 90 kgIP23 
2LT 16.03-080-00012616 kVA 100 kgIP23 
2LT 20.03-080-00013620 kVA 128 kgIP23 
2LT 30.03-080-00013730 kVA 149 kgIP23 
2LT 40.03-080-00013840 kVA 167 kgIP23 
2LT 50.03-080-00013950 kVA 202 kgIP23 
2LT 63.03-080-00014063 kVA 246 kgIP23 
2LT 80.03-080-00014180 kVA 286 kgIP23 
2LT 100.03-080-000142100 kVA 373 kgIP23 
2LT 125.03-080-000143125 kVA 435 kgIP23