3MCH 400 V

400 V

Reactors dimensioned for three-phase 400 Volt systems. Suited as system or commutation-reactor. The reactors are manufactured of high standard materials: Core made of grain oriented, cold-rolled laminated steel sheets and windings made of copper wire with temperature class H (180°C).
Modern welding techniques gives a low noise level.

The 3MCH type can be supplied with different kind of terminals or other special designed connections. Reactors can also be supplied strictly on customer specifications.

3MCH 2-4006-089-300240Inductance 14,7 mHMax xx1,1 kgIP00 
3MCH 4-4006-089-3004407,3 mH 2,3 kgIP00 
3MCH 6-4006-089-3006404,7 mH 2,4 kgIP00 
3MCH 10-4006-089-3010402,9 mH 2,5 kgIP00 
3MCH 16-4006-089-3016401,8 mH 3,6 kgIP00 
3MCH 20-4006-089-3020401,5 mH 3,8 kgIP00 
3MCH 25-4006-089-3025401,2 mH 4,0 kgIP00 
3MCH 35-4006-089-3035400,8 mH 6,5 kgIP00 
3MCH 40-4006-089-3040400,7 mH 7,0 kgIP00 
3MCH 50-4006-089-3050400,6 mH 9,5 kgIP00 
3MCH 63-4006-089-3063400,5 mH 11,0 kgIP00 
3MCH 80-4006-089-3080400,36 mH 13,5 kgIP00 
3MCH 100-4006-089-3100400,29 mH 14,5 kgIP00