IMED® 230 V

IMED® 230 V

Special isolating toroidal transformer for medical application built in an attractive white finish aluminium enclosure (other colours are optional). The power entry module contains a power switch, green LED (when “on”), line filter for medical use, and dual current limiting fuses. Double insulated windings ensure a galvanic physical separation between input and output as well as holding the leakage current below the stipulated maximum value. OEM prices are available.Typical applications: Very high requirements for extremely low leakage current, as well as the reduction of the leakage current of several units combined – for the hospital environment. Typical applications include installations in hospitals of computers, printers, analytical Instruments, surveying cameras, video monitors, etc. The use of instrument carts together with the International Medical Isolation Device is an ideal solution.

IMEDe 300 ed.39-059-000056300 VA1,25 A6,6 kgIP21 
IMEDe 600 ed.39-059-000057600 VA2,5 A9,0 kgIP20 
IMEDe 1000 ed.39-059-0000581000 VA4,17 A13,2 kgIP21 
IMEDe 1500 ed.39-059-0000591500 VA6,5 A18,2 kgIP21 
IMEDe 2000 ed.39-059-0000602000 VA8,7 A21,5 kgIP21