ZEDP series

  • Input :       USB HID
  • Output :        IIC
  • Power :         5V/0.5A
  • Size :            36.0 x 30.0mm
  • Working Temperature :     -20~70°C
  • ZETTLER TFT Products Mated :

ATM0430D12x-CTx series

ATM0430D35x-CTx series

ATM0430D40x-CTx series

ATM0430D44x-CTx series

ATM0430D48x-CTx series

ATM0430D50x-CTx series

ATM0500D19x-CTx series

ATM0500D27x-CTx series

ATM0700D6x-CTx series

ATM0700D38x-CTx series

ATM0700L61x-CTx series

ATM1010L19x-CTx series

  • Product P/N Rule :

For example, if TFT Product P/N is ATM0430D12B-CT,

then the mated Drive board P/N is ZEDP0430D12B.

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